Defence division


OCG’s Defence division provide expert programs, consulting services, and other assistance to Ukrainian and foreign governments as well as to private clients by identifying and implementing solutions to operational and security challenges. Our company has extensive experience in training and operating in complex and diverse third-world environments and combat zones at strategic, operational and tactical levels.

We seek to provide training for local armed forces, generating a transfer of our skills which enables client governments to become self-supporting, after the withdrawal of our personnel on the conclusion of the contract. Omega Consulting Group is capable of very rapid deployments, and operates in a cost effective manner. We can also deploy our “Proactive Engagement Teams” that could be hired to meet emergent or existing security requirements for client needs overseas. Our teams are ready to conduct stabilization efforts, defensive and offensive small group operations, asset protection and recovery, and emergency personnel withdrawal.

Omega Consulting Group, is an authorized privately-owned intermediary company, which is engaged in foreign economic activities for export and import of military and special-purpose products and services.

Our key skills:

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